College of Business, Illinois State University


College of Business, Illinois State University

About The College

Welcome to the College of Business at Illinois State! This is an opportune time to explore the world of business--revolutionizing technology, a global marketplace, and a bold spirit of entrepreneurship are challenging and exciting opportunities if you are preparing to be a future business leader.

And Illinois State is the right place to be. What's the difference in business here? Our students and alumni tell us the difference is:

  • Personal connections with talented and enthusiastic faculty and staff.
  • Meaningful real-world projects and internships preparing students for current challenges in business and industry.
  • Opportunities to interact and network with successful alumni and proven business leaders.
  • Comprehensive curricula providing strong preparation for teamwork, technology, analysis, and other key skills you will need to succeed in the business world.
  • A new high-tech learning environment - In a 21st-century version of the Oxford College model, the building's four stories wrap around an open-air courtyard. The facility blends the small college campus environment with a corporate presence and state-of-the-art technologies.

With the continued support of alumni, business leaders, and friends, we are leveraging the impact of the college on the business world and on the personal and professional lives of our students. Take a close look at all the dimensions of our business programs. You will find that Illinois State is indeed a very special place for motivated and talented students!

Illinois State University's College of Business is one of the best choices for earning an MBA, according to the 2012 edition of The Best 294 Business Schools, published by Princeton Review. Inclusion in the Best 294 Business Schools highlights the quality of Illinois State's MBA program and why it is a top choice for students to attend.

In addition, The Aspen Institute also ranks Illinois State University's MBA Program 32nd among the Beyond Grey Pinstripes Global 100 programs for preparing students for social, ethical and environmental stewardship in business.



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