Humboldt International University is committed to serving lifelong learners through distance education, preparing them for common global knowledge. There are five basic principles we follow:

  1. Professional competence, values, and ethics that allow graduates to master an array of disciplinary knowledge and abilities to help them apply their knowledge in real-world settings and develop a lifelong learning to improve their professions.
  2. Critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to help graduates acquire the ability to identify and evaluate issues, develop critical-thinking skills, recommend solutions to implement changes, and then evaluate the results.
  3. Team learning which focuses on the development of students’ ability to lead teams through a combination of individual and group activity skills aimed at promoting intellectual and technical learning, as well as providing validation and exploring new ideas.
  4. Engage in a learning process aimed at respecting human diversity and behaving in a tolerant manner towards colleagues and those they serve in a way that can communicate ideas in an environment of intellectual openness.
  5. Information utilization in a wide variety of research capabilities through gathering, analyzing the credibility and accuracy of information gathered, regardless of source, while using that information to address issues or to take action.

Distance Education Environment

The Distance Education Environment is composed of the Learning Educational Module, the Learning Management System (Synchronous and Asynchronous Platforms) and the Administrative System. Students have access to the systems 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. To access the distance learning campus students and instructors require computers with internet access. Students will each get their own username and password to access the platform. The distance education environment is set up for maximum interaction between the students and their instructors.

Minimum Requirements to Access the Online Courses


  • Computer with any kind of operative systems such as Mac OSx, Windows XP or later, Linux or Android
  • Internet browser: Safari, Internet Explorer 8x or later, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (any other browser may work but some resources cannot work properly)
  • Internet access, high-speed connection is strongly recommended
  • A word processing software program, such as Microsoft Word or Write from Apache OpenOffice
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and save PDF files or any other similar PDF viewer
  • Virus detection software that must be installed and kept up to date


  • PC desktop, Tablet or Laptop
  • CPU Processor Dual Core or faster
  • Memory (RAM) 4 GB or more
  • Internet connection Wifi or Wired (Internet access)
  • Web Camera (1.3 megapixel or more)
  • Printer (Optional)
Programmes taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish

This school also offers:

Part time MBA

Humboldt International University

The Master of Business Administration program enables students to contribute to the business profession and fosters independent learning. Through a conceptual understandi ... [+]

The Master of Business Administration program enables students to contribute to the business profession and fosters independent learning. Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

Evaluate an organization’s financial position through financial statement analysis and/or forecasting. Summarize and discuss the ethical and legal responsibilities of organizations. Apply selected methods of quantitative analysis to enhance business decisions. Compare economic environments and markets and their impact on business.

Through a conceptual understanding, apply managerial leadership skills, marketing strategies and/or international business concepts, theory, and research to critically analyze and solve problems in unpredictable environments.... [-]

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18 months
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