The LIMAK Austrian Business School was founded in 1989 in cooperation with business, industry, the public sector, and the Johannes Kepler University Linz. It was Austria’s first business school and is thus one of the oldest in Central Europe. The prime motivation for the decision to found the school was the facilitation of internationally-oriented, extra-occupational studies and the further training of managers for companies and institutions through the creation of an institute of postgraduate education in the Linz area.

In fact, what began in 1989 as the innovative and courageous “Linz Management Academy” project has developed into one of the most respected institutions in Central Europe.


Over the years, the LIMAK has both established an exclusive network with carefully selected, leading international universities such as the Richard Ivey Business School in Canada and the Tsinghua University Beijing in China, and steadily expanded its international faculty.

Today, the LIMAK stands out due to a comprehensive portfolio, which begins with basic management principles and specialized short programs (IN.TENSIVE certificate courses), and extends to a range of MBA programs (Management MBA and Executive MBA) and specific company training (LIMAK IN.SPIRE management development courses). The target groups are found well beyond the borders of Upper Austria and Austria and include prospective students from the German-speaking region, as well as Austria’s neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe.


The LIMAK’s newly designed and further developed portfolio is launched in spring. Apart from the Global Executive MBA, this includes seven, specialist management MBAs for a wide variety of branches and assignment areas.

The LIMAK Johannes Kepler University Business School expands its activities. Together with the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) and the Fachhochschulen Oberösterreich (FH), a new institution is founded, which operates under the LIMAK Austrian Business School brand name. The three organizations thus concentrate their capabilities.

The LIMAK creates a new and integrated approach to customized management development (LIMAK IN.SPIRE), which is used successfully in LIMAK projects with companies.

The LIMAK Johannes Kepler University Business School develops an entirely new executive MBA program, which is oriented towards multinationals in the B2B area and is thus unique in the German-speaking region.

The LIMAK and the Johannes Kepler University grow closer together. The LIMAK is now officially named the “Johannes Kepler University Business School”.

The LIMAK prepares the first corporate executive MBA program for a leading Austrian company consortium.

The first general management program in the region is launched and only a few years later, an initial, high-level partnership is formed with a US university (Emory University/Goizueta Business School). In the mid-1990s, LIMAK introduces the first innovation management program in the German-speaking region and close cooperation in the MBA area follows with the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

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Limak - Austrian Business School

For executives and experts / indoor / s who want to collect additional to their specialized management MBA international experience and meet new prospects. Appeal to you? ... [+]

The Management MBA programs at LIMAK are characterized by their modular design and in addition to the exchange of general management expertise (Management Compact) and the development of management skills (Leadership Experience) an in-depth specialization in one of seven fields.

To be able to best the existing network LIMAK benefit and in addition build new networks, the Management Fundamentals (Management Compact) are always passed together. Due to the different business in which the other students to new perspectives and views.

In the next module Leadership Experience the number of participants is deliberately scaled down in order to enable in this way a more intense experience-and experience-based learning and to promote personal knowledge transfer in the everyday practice.... [-]

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