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9 MBA Programmes in Business Studies Business Business Intelligence 2024



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MBA Programmes in Business Studies Business Business Intelligence

A Master of Business Administration is a degree that affords graduates the flexibility to work both within and outside the traditional business world. In general, graduates are paid salaries that may average up to 20 percent more than what would be offered to a similar candidate with an undergraduate degree only.

What is an MBA in Business Intelligence? Today’s business world is increasingly governed by the concept of “Big Data,” which refers to the explosion in the amount of information flowing into a business on a daily basis. This degree program trains students to study and analyze huge data sets in order to predict trends and plan strategies regarding the future growth and health of a business. Courses such as statistical analysis, data modeling and database architecture assist students in learning to study, present and integrate these findings.

Students who earn an MBA in Business Intelligence can attain skills like pattern analysis and data modeling, while also learning to present findings in an understandable global context. Acquiring the ability to collaborate with senior managers across numerous departments is also a key underpinning of this program.

The cost of an MBA in Business Intelligence varies depending on the institution and its location and whether the program is delivered via a traditional classroom setting or online. A range of options is available to the student who looks closely to find the right fit.

Graduates enter a field that has experienced explosive growth in recent years. Career opportunities include jobs as data analysts, business intelligence analysts, financial analysts, database analysts, consultants, managers, statisticians, database administrators and IT professionals.  An MBA in Business Intelligence combines traditional business expertise with a specific skill set that is very much in demand today.

Many universities around the world offer exceptional onsite or online MBA in Business Intelligence programs. Determine your fit, then search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.