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University of Vitez has a vision of the future based on the premise that the societies in the region of South Eastern and Eastern Europe are in the process of changes, reforms and transition towards the civil democratic societies characterized by parliamentary pluralism, a state of law, a state of legislation and market economy with the predominance of private ownership.

There is no doubt that in the new era the fresh deeply rooted knowledge is a prerequisite which, above all, means a step forward from the present cultural and social surroundings in Bosnia and Herzegovina towards a new view of the world and a different approach to the economy, legal system, healthcare, information dissemination and knowledge acquirement.

A holistic approach to the phenomenon of “good” for each individual means the improvement of individual and family health, democratization of knowledge, free will and responsibility, ensuring the high-quality living and integration of an individual with his/her environment, family and the local community. Within these tasks, the University aims to take over responsibility for performing the role of the educator.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the studies, attractiveness of multidisciplinary teaching programmes which correspond to the challenges ahead, as well as psychological and entrepreneurial motivation of students through the interactive pedagogical technologies in the organization and teaching and scientific processes- all the above mentioned contribute to the high rate of successful students what, on the other hand, proofs the overall quality of the knowledge and skills transferred to students, but also the highest level of students’ motivation.

The University of Vitez is legally registered as a private higher education institution. The University performs its activities in accordance with the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the laws of the Middle Bosnia Canton.

The mission of the University is to educate students in order to be prepared and qualified for dealing with complex challenges in the modern business world by using their experience and following the examples of the world’s best universities. The University also aims to contribute to society in general.

The goal of the University of Vitez is the realization of the Bologna process through advanced and modern study programmes by which the accreditation of diplomas in the whole of Europe will be ensured. All of this is based on the highly skilled and professional personnel, i.e. teachers and teaching assistants, employed at the University whose aim is to enhance students with adequate knowledge and skills.

Faculties of the University of Vitez are:

  • Faculty of Business Economics (2 courses)
  • Faculty of Business Informatics (2 courses)
  • Faculty of Law (1 course)
  • Faculty of Health Care (3 courses)

You may apply for enrolment at any course offered at four faculties.

Study programmes are consistent with the Bologna process:

  • 3 years: Undergraduate Studies (the first cycle) - 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of study;
  • 4 years: Undergraduate Studies (the first cycle) – only at the Faculty of Law;
  • 2 years: Graduate/ Master Studies (the second cycle) - 4th and 5th years of study;
  • 3 years: Postgraduate/Doctoral Studies (the third cycle) – 6th, 7th and 8th years of study.

Graduate Studies (Master Degree) include one year of lectures and one year of working on the master’s thesis and its defence. If a candidate has completed four-year study programme at the Faculty, the fourth year of study is recognized as the first year of master study.

Postgraduate Studies (Doctoral Degree) include one year of lectures and two years of working on the doctoral dissertation and its defence.


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