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The Hellenic Open University (HOU) is an autonomous and self-governing public University that provides distance undergraduate and postgraduate education through the development and use of appropriate educational material and teaching methods. Its operation is determined by Article Law 2552/97 and is the 19th Greek University. It is directed by a governing committee constituted mostly of academic staff.

Except for long-distance education, HOU promotes scientific research, as well as the development of technology and methodology in the field of the transmission of knowledge in distance. More specifically, HOU is divided into four (4) Schools (School of Humanities, School of Science and Technology, School of Social Sciences, and School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design) providing each one with several Programs of studies (undergraduate and postgraduate programs) as well as doctoral studies.

HOU offers annual and semi-annual Programs of Studies through long-distance education and teaching methods. All students are provided with the appropriate specialized educational material and indicated study schedule having also the help, tutelage, and guidance of specified academic staff.

Students, whether undergraduate or post-graduate, enroll in a semester-long or term-long T.U. (thematic unit) belonging to H.O.U. Study Programs (S.P.) and are required both to fully attend them until the maximum number of academic credits (ECTS) specified in the current institutional and legislative framework is achieved, and/or required to participate in examinations for the T.U. they are entitled to participate in. Each T.U. may encompass the following graded educational activities: written assignments, tests, laboratory participation, presentations, etc.

Educational activities are submitted exclusively through the electronic platform of the H.O.U., with the exceptions of laboratory participation, presentations, and other specialized activities. Any other optional (non-graded) educational activity (e.g., quiz, etc.) may be posted on the educational platform, if the teaching staff of the T.U. so decides. Students may not participate in the final examination of a T.U. if they have not first (α) earned at least 50% of full marks from the total of graded activities and (b) submit more than half of the number of training activities.

In addition, HOU has signed protocols of collaboration with other Greek Universities such as the Agricultural University of Athens, Ionian University, University of Western Macedonia, University of Thessaly, Academy of Athens (through the Center for Research in Atmospheric Physics and Climatology), as well as foreign Universities (Open University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia and Frederick University).

Finally, HOU’s administrative staff is always willing to help and provide additional administrative guidance and information to all students and teaching staff.

Campus Features


The Online Library and Information Center of HOU is a specialized Department of the Institution that is responsible for meeting the information needs of the academic community of the University, which is the responsibility of the Library Committee.

The Library has two operations :

  • The collection (printed or electronic) that develops and
  • The services

At the first level, the collection is developed in both printed and electronic material, with emphasis on the electronic, for the immediate coverage of the needs of its users. On the other hand, the services are distinguished in the basic ones which are on-site and Online Lending / Inter-lending and user training, but also in a wide range of electronic services, designed to provide an immediate solution in terms of material search, question-solving, and training. At the same time, the Library takes care to be close to vulnerable groups through specialized services for people with disabilities.

With the events/actions that implements, seeks to become a key educational and cultural hub for both the academic community of the University and the local community.

In the previous three years, the Library tried to increase the volume of the collection, but also to get closer to its audience. At the same time, it tried to understand the needs of the public by conducting a user satisfaction survey and emphasizing the support of their educational needs as well as to increase its extroversion and develop its research dimension.


Communication of Science, Technology, and Medicine is a field of knowledge that aims to provide, among other things, specialized knowledge about the nature of scientific work, technological innovation, and the application of modern medical practices, the acquaintance with the theory and practice of communication, its application in matters of public understanding of science, technology, and medicine, the cultivation of skills for the elaboration of critical techno-scientific problems and the participation in the decision-making of scientific and technological policy.

The purpose of the Communication Laboratory of Science, Technology, and Medicine is to cover the research and teaching needs of the School of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University in relevant fields both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


    • Diploma (Certificate) – translation into Greek, if required.
    • Transcript – translation into Greek, if required.
    • Identit Document (Passport), as well as a copy of the residence permit if available (notarized translation into Greek, if required).
    • Digital photo in size of 3×4;
    • Language Certificate if any (optional)
    • Medical certificate in if required by university

    Scholarships and Funding

    The University awards two types of scholarships: A) academic excellence scholarships and B) criteria-based scholarships, as follows:

    Α) Awarding Of Academic Excellence Scholarships

    Every academic term, the Hellenic Open University awards academic excellence scholarships for undergraduate and post-graduate units belonging to its study programs. Academic excellence scholarships are awarded to a percentage of active students enrolled in each Study Program, per academic term/semester. The percentage is defined per Study Program by the H.O.U. Steering Committee each academic term.

    Β) Awarding Of Criteria-based Scholarships

    The H.O.U. awards scholarships to students in the form of either partial or total exemption from participation in tuition fees for the academic term in which they apply for the scholarship. The scholarships are awarded based on a combination of financial, social, and academic criteria as follows:

    1. Financial Criteria

    2. Social Criteria

    3. Academic Criteria


    Hellenic Open University is ranked 1501 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education

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