Executive MBA


Programme Description

  • Public: executives, managers, entrepreneurs
  • Duration: 14 modules over 21 months, part-time adapted to dense activity rhythms, Fast Track option over 9 months.
  • Start date: October 2020
  • Language: French language teaching + projects in optional English and English taught international module (10% of courses in English)
  • Training location: Montpellier Business School ExcEd, Euromedecine Parc II, 94 avenue Henri Noguères, 34000 Montpellier
  • Cost of training:
    30,500, International Learning Expedition Included. A payment schedule over a period of 3 years is proposed, full-coverage can be offered through financing schemes of executive education.
  • Preferential rates: Early bird and individual financing
    • 10% discount for all registrations before 30 April for equity financing
    • Application fees offered for all applications before 30 April
    • International Learning Expedition supported for job seekers
    • Application fees: 150€

Strategy and innovation at the heart of the program

  • The fundamental courses of the program are designed to enhance strategic decision-making capacity. Methodologies such as critical thinking or design thinking are used to develop managerial innovation skills.
  • Identify your personal operating methods and adopt a self-critical attitude toward your professional practices, within an approach combining social responsibility and economic performance.
  • The participatory teaching method based on real cases is supported by preparation courses before the sessions begin. Participants take a step back and reach new heights. They are active participants in their training program and their vision is enriched.
  • Our cohorts’ diversity of profiles, experiences and professional projects encourages mutual enrichment within an entrepreneurial dynamic.

Personalized support

Employability is our main objective.

Our specificity is to accompany each participant on his individual path and professional projects.

  • MBA Participants’ career objectives and professional projects are a substantial part of the training. Fundamentals of management, finance, marketing, and strategy are at the service of individual development.
  • The professional thesis, focused on a concrete problem relevant to the personalized professional project, is supervised by a thesis director. Learners have at their disposal all of the Montpellier Business School’s innovation and entrepreneurship resources.
  • Through the Capstone strategic audit project, they discover the consulting profession by strengthening their skills and with the possibility of working in areas different from their own. The issues addressed include development, organisation, and international vision.

One of the major assets of this Executive MBA training program is the support provided by teachers, certified coaches, and experts.

Network strength

  • + 14,000 Montpellier Business School’s graduates
  • AMBA Graduate Network
  • Montpellier Business School Entreprendre: Montpellier Business School incubator
  • Montpellier Business School IMPROVE: Institute for Lean Management towards operational Value-Added Excellence, headed by Dr. Cyril Foropon
  • Montpellier Business School Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: partner companies, speakers, MBA graduates

LabEx Entreprendre, Montpellier Business School is a member of the steering committee; its teacher-researchers participate in research works.

Pedagogical team of excellence

  • Teacher-researchers: divided into 4 departments
    • Marketing, Sells, and Communication
    • Financial, Legal and Accounting Management
    • Sustainable Management of the Economy, Humanity, and Diversity
    • Entrepreneurial Management and Strategy
    The faculty members help MBA participants identify innovative solutions to take a step back and improve their performance. Courses are supported by the latest research and work in areas related to business development and strategy.
  • Professional speakers are experts who will help you get out of your prisms and habits. They are experienced trainers whose classes are based on concrete cases.
  • Certified coaches allow for even greater customization of career paths thanks to a work structured around everyone’s career objectives. They support and take into account individual expectations. The individual coaches assist in the definition of objectives and the search for solutions.

Social and societal footprint

  • Our Executive MBA is an accredited program delivered in English with a strong international orientation. Training is built around everyone’s employment objectives and employability issues.
  • Our vocation is to accompany the participants in their professional projects, to lead them to inscribe themselves in harmony and symbiosis in the construction of the company and economy of today and tomorrow.
  • Our strong links with the local ecosystem and the rest of the world allow a global vision of major worldwide strategic issues.
  • Montpellier Business School is the 1st Major Management School for an apprenticeship in France. It is a strong commitment that both facilitates access to training and knowledge of the world of work and creates permanent links with French and international companies. This is a strong choice and a mutual commitment to values.

Accreditations and Recognitions

  • Recognitions: an internationally recognized MBA degree and an RNCP Level I qualification
  • The only training to be accredited AACB and AMBA, a guarantee of quality and of recognition
  • AMBA: Association of MBA’s
  • International accreditation of reference for all MBA, DBA and Masters’ programs, only 2% of the top business school programs carry the AMBA accreditation.
  • The only professional membership association that connects MBA students and graduates, as well as accredited business schools and MBA employers around the world.
  • A Research centre exploring global industry trends and drivers of leadership.
  • Career advise and knowledge and a job portal
  • AACSB: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • The AACSB connects teachers, students, and companies to achieve a common goal: create the next generation of great leaders.
  • RNCP Certification: Business Development or Business Unit Manager, Level I certified Title.

Educational program

4 blocks of skills:

  • Develop and oversee the strategy
  • Develop and oversee the financial policy
  • Federate and lead teams
  • Develop markets and partnerships

Year 1

  • Fundamentals in finance, marketing, management and strategy
  • 3 major axes: Leading, Transforming, Undertaking
  • Capstone Project & Strategy

Year 2

  • Certificates: the incontrovertible analytical grids of the responsible company
    • IB & Intercultural MgtI
    • Managerial innovation
    • Digital
    • Diversity & CSR
  • The professional thesis focused on an individual issue
  • Fast Track Option in 1 year: Year 1 + Year 2



  • Minimum academic level required: Bac+3 (3 years of higher education), Bachelor level, or L in the LMD classification, or an RNCP level II title.
    Applications that do not meet the academic requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the candidate’s experience and potential.
  • At least 3 years’ professional experience in a position of responsibility.


1st step: eligibility

The application form to be completed online and accompanied by 2 letters of recommendation following the sample to download.

2nd step: admission

Selection interview based on the Hay Management method and followed by an interview to determine training objectives.
Reasoning and reflection test

Funding your studies

We accompany you personally to prepare your application for funding

  • Available in France only
  • Executive education program, all devices are possible and can be combined
    • Support by the company through its training plan
    • Personal Training Account (PTA)
    • Professionalization period
    • Individual Training Leave (CIF): Branch OPCA or FONGECIF
    • Personal financing (preferential borrowing rate from our partners)
  • Training outside working hours and fixed-term contracts, please contact
    • The Fongécif in your region
    • The OPCA of your professional branch
  • Other funds
    • Regional, national or European co-funding
    • OPCALIA and AGEFOS PME operate on specific funds (entrepreneurs, women and seniors’ training).

Tax deduction: according to the effective income tax system

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About the School

Montpellier Business School, a Grande Ecole, is heir to a long tradition of teaching based on the needs of businesses and markets. Founded in 1897 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellie ... Read More

Montpellier Business School, a Grande Ecole, is heir to a long tradition of teaching based on the needs of businesses and markets. Founded in 1897 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier, the school has succeeded in continually refining its specialized teaching in management science to adapt its courses to constant changes in local and global economic environments. Read Less